Film InformationEdit

Original Title 華僑血淚 (Blood and tears of the overseas China)
Romanized Title Blood and tears of the overseas China
Director Mr. Tsai Wen Chin (蔡問津)
Producer Chung Hwa Film Production Company (中華電影製片廠)
Cast List Mr. Chen Feng (陳楓) as Mr. Yang Chen-hsin (楊振新);
Crew Credits
Year of Release 1946
Country of Production Singapore
Language Mandarin
Colour B&W
Screening History


One of two Singapore films to have been made in the aftermath of World War II, the other being Seruan Merdeka. This film was frequently showed on Reduffusion Television (RTV) in 1950s to 1970s; Hong Kong Film Arichive keeps 2 reels of its video tapes for lending.


One of the few independently made and Chinese films of the era. The film also attains strong significance for having been the first of two Singapore films to come out right after World War II.